By Jada Brazell

Those Halcyon days of summer are upon us again. All this week, we're counting down some of the ways to kick it green this summer. These are green businesses and attraction in Dallas that can keep you or (where appropriate) the family entertained all while respecting the environment. It's green and it's fun. Leave your suggestions in comments or on facebook.

Ever dreamed of exploring a secret garden? With 66 acres of nothing but nature, the Dallas Arboretum affords the space for visitors to enjoy a world of awe-inspiring landscapes. Their current exhibit, Chihuly, is a local hit, but no matter the time of year the Dallas Arboretum is a perfect hangout spot for nature lovers of all ages, the Dallas Arboretum offers everything from educational tours to plush lookouts where visitors can spread out blankets and
soak in the tranquil scenery of White Rock Lake. Each garden is designed with unique features. Some are peppered with trees that serve as a canopy for picnickers, while others burst with vibrant color. Reflective ponds and garden rooms, as well as “artist homes,” add architectural interest to the Dallas Arboretum.

(A scene from the Chihuly exhibit at the Dallas arboretum)

The organization is dedicated to education and research. For example, the Trial Garden exists to test the fortitude of plants in the North Texas climate. While many visitors may visit the arboretum to glean new information and take in the scenery, others show up to rock out and fill their bellies at one of the four cafes on the premises. Whether you’re kicking it green with kids, friends or your significant other, you won’t want to miss the Dallas Arboretum. 

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