Texans should urge U.S. reps to support the bipartisan bill, says a state coaltion of wildlife advocates.

Breanna Cooke created activewear inspired by the documentary 'Chasing Coral.'

The campaign encourages Texans to turn off lights during peak spring migration from April 22 to May 12.

USACE's Benbrook Lake master plan designates 1,100 acres as Environmentally Sensitive Areas.

Botanists launch DNA 'moonshot'

A Fort Worth-based researcher talks about the 10-year plan to document the DNA code of all green plants.

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The Arlington Conservation Council is partnering with UTA to fund environmental scholarships and research.

Texas Land Conservancy has acquired Allen-based Connemara Conservancy's land trust properties.

Can the horny toad bounce back?

The Fort Worth Zoo is among the institutions working to save the beloved reptiles. 

19-year-old Ty Allen of Burleson has observed and logged 383 avian species.