Dozens of residents voiced their opposition to the permit, but council members claimed their hands are tied.

Liveable Arlington objects to loophole in drilling ordinance.

The City Council rejected Total's request to drill three new wells near a daycare center.

Katherine Hayhoe headlined the North Texas Climate Change Symposium.

The Council voted to waive the 600-foot drilling setback rule, after denying a nearly identical application.

Total requested to drill within nearly 300 feet of homes and businesses - again.

Filmmaker Chanda Chevannes to use the $5,000 prize to boost screenings of the film.

Liveable Arlington says 300 feet is not safe distance for drilling sites in city limits.

Their message was serious but wit overflowed at marches in Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton and Sherman.

BlueStone Natural Resources II has filed a permit despite local ordinances banning disposal wells.