Read Amy Martin's tips for tackling the Trinity River Paddling Trail, which was recently designated as a National Recreation Trail.

Nearly 25 years ago, the Donovans first went to the city of Arlington to preserve their favorite walking spot.

They are one of the most common nonvenomous snakes found in the region.

Prof. George Diggs says climate change is real and has already affected the local biology.

Three UNT students launched Wildscapers Landscaping Co. in January.

They likely collided with buildings after being disoriented by bright lights, say conservationists.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department hopes to open the new state park in 2023.

Turn your backyard into a hummingbird oasis

Learn what to do - and what not to do - to help migrating hummingbirds.

The campaign encourages homeowners and businesses to turn off lights Sept. 5-Oct. 29.

The plans will destroy environmentally sensitive areas, endangered species and historical burial sites, say advocacy organizations.