The Abed family received a free solar installation with help from the Plano Solar Co-Op.

Gov. Abbott signed a bill earlier this month to ban highly radioactive waste from being brought into the state.

The Rivian plant would be built with sustainable features and possibly preserve acreage in its natural state.

Amory Lovins will speak on June 12 at 10 a.m. on Zoom.

Opponents of the bill said reducing fees means less money for the state to eventually clean up the facility, if necessary.

The Sunrise Movement Dallas Chapter held a rally at Comstock Resources in Frisco on Thursday. 

Sunrise Movement Dallas condemns the Democrat’s letter to President Biden in support of fossil fuel industry.

Drive an EV off the lot during the holidays then apply for a rebate.

Trump emphasized economic priorities while Biden advocated for transition to renewable energy.

Liveable Arlington objects to loophole in drilling ordinance.