'Trees' is on display at the Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden in Dallas through Sept. 16. Above, Moon Tunes by Barnaby Fitzgerald, 2017

Aug. 29, 2017

A Dallas gallery is celebrating trees with images from artists inspired by their beauty and significance. 

Trees will be on display at the Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden through Sept. 16.

Study for Clouds of Unknowing by Barnaby FitzgeraldThe gallery, located on a four-acre lot with a tree-lined sculpture garden, provides an appropriate setting.

Curator Cheryl Vogel said the facility has been in her family for 62 years.  

“Some people who come here call it an oasis, and it seems like a perfect merge between art and the environment that I’m hoping to promote.” 

Study for Clouds of Unknowing by Barnaby Fitzgerald, 1999

Vogel said the exhibition wasn’t inspired by the recent battle over tree ordinances in the Texas Legislature, but by the Greek proverb “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”  

She says that she was looking through her closet and found a T-shirt with the printed proverb. 

“I thought ‘What a brilliant idea for an exhibition.’” 

Vogel hopes the show will remind people how important trees are to our quality of life.

“Generally, a tree is a most welcome sight in a parking lot or landscape,” she said. “Who doesn’t desire to find a tree under which to park in a hot parking lot?  I hope that people will focus on the necessity of trees.”

The majority of artists are from Texas. The group is diverse, and this is the first time some have been invited to show their work.  

Texas Willow by Malou FlatoTexas Willow by Malou Flato, 2017 

Artwork will be for sale and includes sculpture, paintings, photographs, drawings, collages and prints. No artwork is donated. However, a portion of proceeds will benefit Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center.

St. Marks Blue by Lilian Garcia-Roig, 2008.


St Marks Blue by Lilian Garcia-Roig Trees

About: Multi-artist exhibit, featuring art depicting and inspired by trees.

When: Through Sept. 16

Where:  Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden, 6616 Spring Valley Road, Dallas


A Passion for Texas Native Trees, a talk by Tary Arterburn, principal, studioOutside and landscape architect who designed the entrance to Dallas Museum and Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden, Aug. 31, 7 p.m. 

• Tour of Dogwood Canyon, Sept. 2, at 10 a.m. 

Trees of Art and Life in the Middle Ages, Lecture by Danielle Joyner, Visiting Assistant Professor, Southern Methodist University, Sept. 14, noon




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