A  presentation from the students at Texas Christian University.

The Texas Christian University Department of Environmental and Sustainable Sciences has joined forces with the Fort Worth Botanic Garden this spring for an on-site Service Learning in Environmental Science and Sustainability (ENSC 40970) collaboration. 

Problem: Many cities are experiencing a decline in green spaces due to increased urbanization, leading to environmental and social challenges. Understanding the benefits and values of urban forests is essential to promote sustainable urban development. The Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT) seeks to explore and highlight the critical roles of its urban forest in enhancing biodiversity, improving air quality and fostering community well-being. However, there is a pressing need to increase public awareness and encourage community participation in preserving and expanding urban forests, ensuring that their benefits accrue to current and future generations. This presentation will highlight the ecosystem services of trees under BRIT’s care at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens.

More info and Zoom link on website link below.

Event Location: 
Botanical Research Institute of Texas
1700 University
Fort Worth , TX
Date and Time: 
Friday, May 10, 2024 - 10:00am to 11:30am