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TCE is urging tree advocates to oppose changes to HB 7 that could roll back tree protection.

Arlington Conservation Council used all recycled materials for the award-winning float.

A decade after the Academy award-winning film debuted, its sequel is slated for local distribution in August.

The new DFW Air Research Consortium reveals its vision for the future of air monitoring.

The Clean Water Fund is hosting its Summer Splash June 21 at Stoney's Wine Lounge in Dallas.

The Coalition for Environmental Justice North Texas is organizing an ExxonMobil protest on May 31 in Dallas.

Early registration ends April 30.

The march was organized by the newly formed Coalition for Environmental Justice - North Texas.

As of May 3, there were about a dozen environmental bills still in play in the House.

The local group contributes several thousand dollars to environmentally friendly candidates via grassroots fundraising.