The upper reach of Whites Branch is an ephemeral stream on the Fort Worth Prairie located within the ongoing Alliance Town Center mixed-use development in Fort Worth. Planning for this development began in late 2012. One of the key questions for this development was how to handle a stock pond formed by a 50 year dam and ephemeral stream flowing through the development. “For this project, Peloton Land Solutions assembled an extensive interdisciplinary team that included engineers, hydrologists, wildlife biologists, landscape architects, planners, rangeland ecologists, and arborists.

It was determined that removing the pond dam and restoring a natural stream channel through the site was the most desirable option. The natural stream design for the restoration focused on geomorphologic factors such as gradient, sinuosity, capacity, and sediment transport characteristics. Ecological factors included native vegetation and wildlife habitat potential. A series of natural stone drop structures were designed to provide grade control & create a natural complex of riffles and runs, mimicking nearby natural streams.

The stream restoration area provides a unique, safe, sustainable, and usable green/open space, including a hike-and-bike trail that weaves through a 14-acre prairie restoration site.

Event Location: 
Tarrant County College - South Campus
5301 Campus
Ft Worth , TX
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Monday, February 12, 2018 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm