2023 Green Gift Guide for Pets

Here's more than a dozen gift ideas for the pets and pet lovers in your life. Courtesy of Storyblocks.

Dec. 14, 2023

When choosing eco-friendly gifts for your pet family, it's important to consider products that are made from sustainable materials, promote a minimal environmental impact and prioritize the well-being of both your loved ones and the planet. Here are a few ideas from companies who care.

Candy Cane rawhide dog treats by Pure Being.STOCKING STUFFERS

Does your doggie or puddy tat have their own stocking? Of course they do!

Then fill it with fun and safe goodies such as these yummy, rawhide-free chewies, Candy Cane Dog Treats by Pure Being, about $3 at Aldi and on DoorDash. 

GreeniesStuff kitty’s stocking with Greenies Smartbites Skin and Fur Health Chicken Flavor Cat Treats, about $3 at Target and other retailers. All-natural with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients for a nutritionally complete and balanced snack that your cat will love. 

Surprise your pets on Christmas morning with their favorite treats.


Carob Sandwich Cremes by Exclusively DogOr how about Carob Sandwich Cremes by Exclusively Dog, with the taste of chocolate (made from carob) that’s completely pet-safe. Made in the USA with natural, kosher ingredients and no animal parts or by-products. Find online at Chewy’s. About $6.

For a home-baked alternative, Bexar-County based Ava Nana N Papa's Paws bakes delicious pet treats and cakes that look so good that you will be tempted to eat them yourself! 

Howliday cookies by AvananapapasHowliday Cookies made by San Antonio-based Ava Nana N Papa's Paws are a healthy snack for your pooch.

A fan favorite is the Howliday Cookies – with simple ingredients like pumpkin, strawberry, almond flour, oat flour and coconut oil.

The company says they’re “scrumptious and perfect for pups with sensitive tummies.” 

Easy to break into smaller pieces for training treats too. 

They’re $16.25 per bag at AvaNanaNPapasPaws.com.


Cats are naturally attracted to fresh running water. That’s because their ancestors evolved to seek out running water, which was less likely to contain harmful bacteria than stagnant standing water

Stainless Steel Water Fountain from Pioneer PetCats are also fascinated by movement and novelty. 

So amuse your kitty and help them stay hydrated with a pet water fountain,

This old-school-style 60 oz. stainless steel water fountain from Pioneer Pet is a great alternative to the plastic version. 

My editor bought two and says her cats love drinking out of the fountain spouts as well as basins, where the circulated water flows.

You’ll also want to pick up some extra charcoal filters, which are easy to replace monthly.

The fountains are on sale at Chewy’s for $41.


Your pets will dream about Santa’s reindeer as they snooze on the Mississippi Made Donut Bed, available exclusively at Hollywood Feed and on sale through Christmas for $99.99 or less. 

Dog bed by Mississippi Made.As the company says, “Made in America used to mean something. At Hollywood Feed, it still does. The Mississippi Made Donut Bed gives your pet the comfort of the couch with the durability of high-quality, USA Made fabrics.” 

The cozy but tough cotton cover and donut shape provides a safe haven and allows your sweetie to snuggle, burrow and curl up for the ultimate naptime. 

Recycled polyfill and zippered machine washable cover. Tons of fun colors and patterns at Hollywood Feed stores and online.


For the hipster cats in your clan, Etsy is a great place to find upcycled gifts just for them.

Check out this kitty mat by Bark and Meow Boutique, made from reclaimed blue jeans. 

On sale till Dec. 15 for $53. Regularly $59. 


Dog's Best Friend Game by West PawCertified B Corp, West Paw, is known for their durable and colorful dog toys. You and your dog will enjoy their Dog's Best Friend Game, an interactive board game created by pet behavioralists, seasoned pet experts and game design pros. 

Includes everything you need for hours of play: 81 challenge cards, five training tip cards, eight plastic cups, no-slip playing mat, two plush dog toys and a sand timer. 

Each challenge card features a quick activity such as jumping over the cups or hiding from your pet with a squeaky toy and then see if your dog can find you. Stimulates canine learning and skill-building as well as just tail-thumpin’ fun. 

The whole family can get involved, even younger kids which can help them learn pet-friendly behavior. 

$29.95 at WestPaw.com or stores around town. Visit the company’s website to find a retailer near you. Call ahead as stock may be limited.


Like many pet owners, I often blow through treats, especially when I’m working at home and the dogs want my attention. 

When Daniel, the founder of Woof.com, couldn’t find activities to keep his pup, Milo, busy after surgery, he created the Pupsicle. This combo of frozen treats and tough rubber treat holder have close to a 5-star online rating and it’s no wonder, dogs seem to love ‘em! 

The Starter Pack is on sale right now for $44 (Reg $56) and it includes the Pupsicle treat holder, make it yourself Frozen Treat Tray, Refill Pops, Pupsicle Lifetime Warranty and hours of dog fun!

Order online at MyWoof.com. Find locally at the Zoom Room and Uptown Pup with locations all around town.


Did you know that every year, wild White Tail Deer naturally shed their antlers? 

Buck Bones Organics collects and crafts them into eco–friendly, premium dog treats, without harming any animal to make them. 

Your dog will naturally be attracted to this bone, satisfying their need to chew, without the nasty smell that other treats can produce. 

Made in the USA and an excellent source of calcium, phosphorous and protein. A little bit pricey at $13 at Hollywood Feed but they last a good long time.


Are your chickens like family? Then treat them to some healthy goodies from Rooster Home & Hardware. 

Start with Non-GMO and soy-free nutrition from Texas Natural. Made right here in Texas, these quality feeds are offered in layer, pellet and scratch. 

For dessert, serve them some yummy Happy Hen Free Range Feast. This delicious blend of mealworms, corn flour and red chili peppers will keep your hens coming back for more! Find both at Rooster Home & Hardware in east Dallas plus fine feed stores around the Metroplex.


As stewards of our pets and the planet, minimizing chemicals is so important. 

California-based Skout’s Honor has created a selection of environmentally and socially conscious products that not only work great but they won’t expose you or your loved ones to the nasties. 

Choose from dozens of eco-friendly products including fur and skin cleansers with probiotics to help with excessive shedding, itching, dryness, infection and odor. 

You’ll also find dental care, flea and tick solutions, home and carpet cleaners, anti-chew and marking sprays and several others, all in recyclable packaging. 

We like that the company promotes shopping local on the front page of their website. You’ll appreciate that you can support needy pets with an easy click when you shop online at SkoutsHonor.com. Find around DFW at Petco, Petsmart and Pet Supplies Plus.


Father and son, Larry and Brian Wright, started their Chicago-based company to make more eco-friendly products than were on the market in 2010. Since then, Green Pet has grown to include a variety of eco-conscious solutions. 

Their top-selling patented cooling pet mat starts around $25 and naturally cools your pet without electricity. Their Tourmaline warming bed ($39.99) is a similar technology that triggers a warming effect causing a calm and restful feeling. Tourmaline is also said to reduce the pain of arthritis and muscle strain. 

Here are some other eco-friendly items, which are biodegradable.

The Pooie Vuiton pet waste bags is made from corn starch. The four pack contains 60 bags for $5.99.

The biodegradable cat litter box is made from recycled paper and can be thrown away. Each box will last up to seven days. Ideal for traveling. A four pack sells for $20.

The bamboo pet dishes are made from bamboo and rice husk and the manufacturer says they do not leach.

Shop online at TheGreenPetShop.com.


Does someone on your list have a household packed with pets? 

For the last month or so, our family (with three dogs) has been using the Dyson V8 cordless vacuum and have been impressed by its quality and features. 

The cordless vaccuum comes complete with a large vac head, smaller pet vac head, as well as a brush and crevice tool. 

All pieces and parts detach for various combinations plus you can use the main vac body as a handheld, perfect for cleaning the car. 

Our favorite feature is the de-tangling design of the cleaning heads that don’t get clogged with hair, animal or human. Plus when you empty the dust cup, it is specially designed to dump every bit of dirt and hair without touching it, which we really liked.

The vac offers two speeds, powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. We were able to run the lower speed for about 30-40 minutes and the booster mode for 15-20 minutes. 

Charges on its own wall hanger. Find it online on sale for as low as $300.


Catios are a hot trend for cat parents. They are great entertainment for indoor cats who appreciate access to fresh air and sunshine. 

If you’re not a do-it-yourselfer, you can find a variety of kits online, which can be assembed.

Home Depot’s online store carries everything from simple cat hutches to large stand-alone cat runs for the back yard.

This extra large walk-in enclosure can be attached to the house and features five platforms and two cubby holes. 71H x 71W x 38D. $456.

Order online for pickup or delivery.



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