Imagine that: 

   •   You know your neighbors. 

   •   You own your own home. 

   •   Your kids always have someone to play with, and always have a babysitter available. 

   •   You live sustainably, with a small carbon footprint. 

   •   You share some meals, laundry and work space, pool, garden, maybe even a car. 

   •   You age in place, that is, stay in your home as long as possible.

All these, and more, are possible in cohousing, a return to village life, in which owner-residents design and manage their own community.

Join us to learn about and discuss cohousing with special guest Alice Alexander, Executive Director of the Cohousing Association of the USA.

Alice will make a 20-min. presentation about cohousing, followed by discussion. We hope folks from cohousing projects under way in the DFW area will attend to share their visions, including: Dallas Cohousing, White Rock Crossing Cohousing and Wildflower Ecovillage.

Author Leann Forst, a board-certified holistic health practitioner and principal of Groovy Beets Natural Family Health, will be signing her new cookbook. Her Amazon five-star rated cookbook helps solve every mom’s problem of putting healthy food on the table fast.

Info: 214-673-4788,

Learn about rainwater harvesting and build own barrel. Find out how to collect and direct the rain in ways that create backyard beauty, lessen the dependence on using city water in the garden and reduce runoff.  

Info: 972-547-7335,

This is an informal and interactive class on urban biking. Christina Jones, a longtime bike courier and bicycle advocate, will share the lessons she’s learned from her many years of experience riding the streets of Dallas. Topics covered will include: traffic laws and the rights of people on bikes; how to control traffic by taking the lane; situational awareness and reacting to common situations; what makes a bike-friendly route; and a question and answer session. Bring your snacks, drinks and questions. Free. Info: 214-670-7962.

Water slower, deeper and more efficient with every drop. Convert your spray heads and watch your sprinkler system save you money from our hands on drip conversion class. You will learn how to install drip irrigation tubing from your faucet or how to convert an existing zone to drip. Drip irrigation is the most efficient irrigation method and essential to sustainable landscapes. Drip irrigation for foundation watering will also be covered.

Free. Register on website.

Hammocks are a versatile companion for any outdoor adventure, but sometimes levitation has a learning curve. Learn some tips and tricks that will have you flying in no time. Free.

The city is full of food ripe for the picking. Learn how to identify (and legally acquire) more traditional foods like edible fruits, nuts and naturalized vegetables, as well as wild edibles, edible flowers and even edible weeds that are well adapted to our extreme climate and commonly found in North Texas neighborhoods. Bring a hat, a camera and wear your walking shoes. Plant list provided. Free.


Learn about planning, preparation and execution of an international adventure trip. Free.

The North Central Texas Council of Government hosts the annual Clean Air Action day to encourage North Texans make at least one commitment for a healthier environment and cleaner air. Participants’ choices can be as simple as carpooling or bringing a lunch to work.

Here's a list of clean air commitments to choose from.

Additionally, this year they’re holding social media contests for participants to take part in. By posting their commitment on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #CAAD and @nctcogtrans, participants have the opportunity to win a prize.


Martha Cavazos-Fipps, the city of McKinney's environmental coordinator, will speak about the city's environmental programs and we will watch "Can the Gulf Survive?" by National Geographic that details the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Info: Brandi Price, or 469-247-6391.