Shop green for Dad's Day

Encourage Dad to ditch the disposable razors for a top-rated safety razor like these from Rockwell.

June 12, 2020 

Dad’s Day is right around the corner and though you may not be able to give your father a hug (if you are social distancing), you can show him how much you love him and Mother Earth by choosing a gift that benefits both of them.

Sankofa smoothiesRIGHTEOUS EATS

Smoothies from veg-friendly Sankofa in Oak Cliff.

Area restaurants have been hit hard by the quarantine this year - so support them and delight Dad at the same time with a home-delivered meal from one of his favorites. 

For vegans, how about Spiral Diner with locations in Fort Worth, Dallas and Denton? Or perhaps Sankofa Kitchen in Oak Cliff that serves both plant-based and standard fare. 

If Dad’s tastes are more eclectic, opt for Righteous Foods in Fort Worth, Celebration Restaurant in Dallas or Patina Green in McKinney. 

Whatever your choice, you can feel good knowing that you are supporting not only local jobs but are treating Dad to a gastronomic feast!


Silpat MatReusable Silpat Mats replace both foil and parchment paper.

Did you know that most parchment paper not only contains nasty chemicals but it is not compostable, contributing to landfill waste? And aluminum foil is not usually accepted for recycling so it just goes to the dump also - lasting forever! 

If your Dad likes to cook and bake for himself, he will surely appreciate a set of French-made Silpat Mats that replace both foil and parchment paper, with no chemical residue. 

These silicon, food-grade flexible pan liners can take the heat up to 480° and are tough enough to withstand years of use (though not recommended with pizza cutters - ask me how I know!).

Easy to wash and they can store either flat or rolled up. I keep mine in cardboard paper towel tubes. Dad will love the convenience of non-stick baking and he can even use them in the broiler for making roasted veggies. 

Sold at many stores around town starting at about $20, depending on sizing, or order online at


Rockwell RazorRockwell razor.

Help your favorite man come into the 21st century with a step back in time - buy him his very own safety razor. 

Billions of disposable razors become landfill trash every year, according to the EPA, so help Dad break that cycle. 

A few of the top-rated razors on the market are the USA-made Rockwell (around $100) and German-engineered Merkur (starting around $30) - and they last virtually forever. 

Online reviews on both are very strong with most users commenting how close they were able to shave, avoiding the 5-o'clock shadow, and how much money they saved over disposables. 

After the initial investment, replacement blades cost only a few dollars per year. My father still uses a safety razor that he has owned since the 1960s! 

The environmental benefits are amazing - basically no more waste. Many companies even offer blade recycling if you mail the used blades back to them. 

Visit and for more info. While there, look at their selections of shaving soaps and creams as well!

Pale Blue Earth rechargeable batteriesRECHARGE TIME

Pale Blue Earth rechargeable batteries can be plugged into a laptop or wall charger with a USB cable.

Everyone needs batteries for various tools, toys and gadgets around the house - and dads are no different. Disposing of those batteries causes an ecological nightmare. Another sobering EPA stat is that literally billions of disposable batteries end up in landfills every year. 

Pale Blue Earth Rechargeable Batteries help you solve this problem by simply plugging them into your laptop or wall charger with a USB cable. 

That’s right - the USB port is in the batteries themselves. What a great idea! 

Each battery can replace up to 1,000 disposable alkaline batteries, eliminating landfill waste and saving money. At the end of their long life, the Pale Blue Earth batteries can be recycled themselves anywhere that takes Lithium batteries. 

Choose from AA, AAA, D Cell or 9 volt sizes. from $24.99 - 29.99 per 2-4 pack including multi-port charging cable at

Vitagene DNA kitDNA TEST

Vitagene DNA tests provide ancestry information as well as health risk factors.

If you’ve been thinking of exploring your ancestry through one of the online DNA tests, why not encourage Dad to do it instead? 

The Vitagene DNA test not only will provide your male parental unit with his global ancestry but will also help him discover risk factors for many common health conditions. 

Dad simply supplies a cheek swab and Vitagene will do the rest - with a detailed report on a wide variety of actionable health plans that go far beyond genetics including diet, allergies such as gluten sensitivity and much more. 

It will even analyze his genetics to help find the best supplements to help Dad stay healthy as he ages. DNA kits range from $89 to $269, depending on detail, on sale right now at


Plant-watering kit from

Here’s a great gift for armchair gardeners or full-fledged green thumbs - the Arduino Automatic Smart Plant Watering Kit. It’s part of an amazing website of tech-minded tools and toys from Interesting Engineering. 

Dad can learn simple electronic assembly while he creates this nifty watering gadget that actually works! 

Monitors up to four houseplants with in-soil sensors and hydrates them automatically when they need it via plastic tubing. 

Arduino Automatic Watering Kit

Super fun to create and enjoy plus it supplies a real need for in-house plants. You might even spark a new career for Dad! Watch video here. 

Plant-Watering Kit is $69.99 at Check out the other fascinating items at this website where each item is even cooler than the last.

Seed Saver Organic Herb SeedsGARDEN GIFTS

If Dad’s gardening creds are more of the outdoor variety, gift him a selection of organic herb seeds from the Seed Saver’s Exchange ($16.25). 

This collection includes: Genovese basil, chives, cilantro, bouquet dill, giant italian parsley and thyme. He will love growing his own herbs and just might share some with you! 

Seed Saver Cobrahead WeederAnother unique item from Seed Savers is the Wisconsin-made Cobrahead Weeder and Cultivator

This handy tool features a tempered steel blade that can slice into even tough Texas clay soil with ease. The curved anti-fatigue handle provides leverage so you can pull weeds, dig a trench or plant seedlings. 

Handle is moulded from a mix of recycled plastic and flax fiber - and may be the "greenest" garden tool on the market today. I’ve had one for years and I don’t go gardening without it! $24.95 at, a wonderful non-profit that helps to preserve and promote heirloom seeds.

Donation buttonDONATE FOR DAD

For the Papa who has everything, why not make a gift in his name to support someone else? Charity Navigator was created to help us sift through all of the plethora of non-profits around the world and to decide which ones are using donated money wisely - or maybe not so wisely. Does Dad feel strongly about civil rights? Is he passionate about the environment? Does his heart beat for animals? Choose a gift that honors him and provides much-needed funds to further some amazing initiatives. 

You can even make a gift to Charity Navigator itself. Visit and look around. It’s eye-opening in many ways.


Worx Hydro ShotThe Work Hydro Shot is powered with a rechargeable lithium battery.

Battery-powered tools are all the rage and there’s a good reason. Not only are they more convenient to use but the batteries can be recycled at end of life and go on to power new products. 

Just one example is the Worx Hydro Shot, a versatile sprayer that changes from cleaning to lawn care in seconds. 

Rated as the Best for Portability by Popular Mechanics Magazine, this handy gadget combines a pressure washer and watering machine in one. 

With settings up to 6 times more powerful than a garden hose or gentle enough to spray delicate plants, the Hydro Shot will blast mud out of Dad’s tires, clean the siding or windows, or spritz the garden with the spin of the nozzle. Can use water from a bucket, pond or even the lake. 

Add the accessory kit with cleaning brush, soap bottle and squeegee and you’ll want to borrow this portable wonder for jobs around your own home. Just remember to give it back to Dad when you’re done! 

From around $100-$120 with battery and charger at Lowes, Ace, True Value or Wal-Mart. Also, check our Battery-Powered Mower Guide.

Crater Lake National Park

Crater Lake National Park. Courtesy of National Park Service.


Did you know that the National Park Service is offering virtual online tours of many parks and historic sites? Why not experience one of them with Dad, either in person or via an online hookup? 

Perhaps you can revisit a place that meant something special to your family as you were growing up, such as Hot Spring National Park in Arkansas or Crater Lake National Park in Oregon. Or maybe delve into that historic site that the two of you always wanted to visit and never had the time -  such as the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park in Massachusetts. You can even visit the Statue of Liberty in New York City via EarthCam. 

If you can afford it, pair your virtual tour with a donation in Dad’s name to support these wonderful places that are such a gift to all Americans. There’s no better way to say “I love you, Dad!" Visit National to learn more.


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