Tandy Hills Natural Area, aka The Land that Time Forgot, is home to many rare and uncommon plant species. One of the most eagerly anticipated of them is the diminutive yet striking, Trout Lily (Erythronium albidum). Being one of the first wildflowers to bloom each year it is sometimes called, the harbinger of Spring.

Their golden-throated white trumpets hang from curvy stems nestled inside mottled leaves that resemble speckled trout. They are scattered across the Tandy hills and hollers, hiding in secret places.

The Lilliputian flowers should be blooming when Suzanne Tuttle will stand in for the out-of-town Sam Kieschnick at the 16th Annual Trout Lily Walk.  

Event Location: 
Tandy Hills Natural Area
3325 View St
Fort Worth , TX
Date and Time: 
Saturday, March 2, 2024 - 1:00pm