Most recently, Teresa has written stories on the now-trending anti-straw movement for CultureMap, including several features on individual restaurants and chains that have chosen to give up straws. She has also covered the anti-straw trend for Edible Dallas Fort Worth magazine, and she broke the news about Earthx and EarthxFilm's Strike Out Straws campaign earlier this year. In her food and restaurant related coverage, she has tracked the rise of veganism and its environmental and health benefits, as well as highlighted restaurants that have included vegan menu and programs.

Teresa's coverage of both the anti-straws movement an the vegan movement has inspired restaurants and other organizations to switch to reusable or paper straws and include vegan items on their menus. Her stories and social media posts have also prompted long discussions about both of these environmental issues among her readers and have won several converts to each cause - she is truly wining over people one at a time.

Although Teresa is mostly known as one of Dallas' preeminent food writers and critics, her longtime coverage of environmental issues has had an almost under-the-radar impact. I happen to know she also lives the values that she writes about and is personally involved in the issues, including her service on the Dallas Animal Commission, her volunteer record with local animal rescue groups and her pride in being an environmentalist.