The Dallas-based Environmental League (EL) is an arm of the Environmental Projects Company dedicated to organizing middle and high school clubs focused on clean-up projects, environmental awareness and immersive nature trips for our urban students, many whom are growing increasingly out of touch with our natural heritage. Our fledgling 2017-2018 school year saw an initial membership of 44 students across 2 chapters (Conrad High School and Hillcrest High School) drive several clean-up efforts removing over 700 fifty-gallon bags of litter from two Dallas sites.

The Fort Worth-based Welman Project is a nonprofit that connects schools and other nonprofits with the community in ways that ignite creativity, environmental activism and social responsibility by distributing surplus materials from local companies for creative reuse in the classroom. In the past year, they diverted 24,000 cubic feet of materials from the landfill, which is about 135 standard dumpsters worth, mostly with their personal minivan and pick up truck. These materials have all found new life in a classroom or nonprofit through creative reuse efforts.

The DFW Solar Tour, North Texas' premier energy event, is now the LARGEST Solar and Renewable Energy Tour in Texas and ranked THIRD in the U.S.! Now in its ninth year, the DFW Solar Tour has grown from a few sites with some of the FIRST solar installations in North Texas to 50 sites spread out over five North Texas counties. This unique self-guided Open House event includes homes, schools, colleges, businesses and municipal sites. READ MORE

Profound Microfarms in Lucas sustainably grows 150 varieties of leafy greens, culinary herbs, microgreens and edible flowers for more than 30 local restaurants and works directly with Chefs. PMF is very open to sharing all of their hydroponic, aquaponic and controlled environment knowledge and has college partners, many interns, tours and classes and training for adults and children educational groups. READ MORE

Painted Flower Farms is a small nursery on the edge of Denton that is dedicated to providing native and adapted plants. Its mission is to help increase the number of native and adaptive plants within the community. READ MORE

The Fort Worth Botanic Garden Green Team is the garden’s first ever task force for sustainability. Formed in March of this year by volunteer staff under encouragement from the Garden Director, its mission is to revolutionize waste management at the Garden and, eventually, across the city of Fort Worth. Stated simply, the Team's aim is for the Fort Worth Botanic Garden to be Fort Worth’s first zero waste facility.

Elizabeth Dry is the director of Promise of Peace Community Gardens in Dallas. POP gets the community involved in organic gardening. Elizabeth also works with many elementary schools in Dallas County in getting them to grow and eat what is produced using green methods. I have had the pleasure of helping and seeing the results, which includes a lot of happy elementary students. Elizabeth is making a green difference in so many lives. I have seen first hand how she can move mountains. I support Elizabeth’s efforts because they make such a difference in a community that is often neglected.

The Denton Embassy Suites is one of the newest projects by Tim O'Reilly and the O'Reilly Hospitality Management team. It is the second LEED-certified hotel project in North Texas and one of many of his total LEED projects throughout the United States. The hotel and convention center are currently under review to obtain Gold LEED certification. At last count there were less than 70 hotels in the U.S. that have this level of LEED certification. READ MORE

Crosstimbers Ranch Wildlife Center in Terrell is North Texas’ largest native mammal wildlife rehabilitation center. Run completely by volunteers and on donations, Crosstimbers helps over 5,000 mammals annually return to the wild. Wildlife awareness and education outreach is an important part of Crosstimbers mission. Teaching the urban sector to appreciate rather than fear the wild ones that live in our own back yards has been the mission of the Ranch from the beginning.