Tucked into the folds of the soft rolling hills of north central Texas, situated beneath the Lewisville Dam, the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area (LLELA) occupies a unique ecological position in the landscape of North America. It is here where the northwestern-most extent of the bottomland forests stretch fingers into the southern end of the tallgrass prairie of the Midwest; where the Elm Fork of the Trinity River winds its way out of the sandy uplands of the dry Cross Timbers into the deep, rich soils of the Blackland prairies; where agricultural lands intergrade with ranching and a rapidly growing urban expanse.

LLELA offers a variety of family activities such as birding, hiking, kayaking and more.

LLELA provides a variety of educational workshops for students and holds Project WILD workshops for teachers, home school parents, scout leaders and others. It is involved in several restoration and research projects. It offers volunteer opportunites in restoration and research, preservation, and education.

With its diversity of habitats, LLELA is home to a profusion of wildlife. Within its boundaries one may find mammals such as bobcat, river otter, deer, and mink, along with birds such as wild turkey, painted bunting, and dozens of waterfowl species. LLELA is dotted with sloughs, wetlands, creeks, and dry channels, the landscape features originally wrought by the Elm Fork and its tributaries during flood events. These remain filled by rainwater, flooding, and groundwater discharge, where one may find many ducks, turtles, wading birds, wood ducks, and other waterfowl.

LLELA's goal is to develop this area for:

  • the preservation and restoration of native habitat and biodiversity
  • environmental education, and
  • environmental research.


201 E. Jones St., Lewisville, TX 75057.
75067 Lewisville , TX