The Citizen Gardner program provides low-cost, hands-on, organic, backyard vegetable gardening education and community.  Goals of the DFW Citizen Gardener Program

  • Introduce new people (and re-introduce experienced ones) to vegetable gardening with a set of techniques with proven sucess that balance time, resources, and effort.  The techniques are to be specific to the growing conditions of the North Texas region.
  • Provide students the skills, knowledge, and encouragement to "go home and do it".
  • Build helpful community of local backyard gardeners.
  • Create regenerative culture (healing and self-reliance).
  • Grow healthy food where the people are.
  • Education
    • Healthy soil / Healthy food / Healthy people
    • One good method of growing food in the North Texas Area
  • Maintain a Self-Sustaining program
    • Decentralized and 'Open' (can be duplicated by others)
    • Create a surplus (of knowledge, resources, soil, good-will, and food)
  • Cooperate and help with other local food programs, gardening groups, and businesses.