An environmental group or organization

Please come eat, socialize, honor the winners of the Focus Photography Contest and celebrate ACC at our annual meeting.

Bring a dish for the potluck if you desire.

John Tandy, a decendant of the Tandy family, will present on restoration efforts at Tandy Hills park. The Tandy family secured the property in the 1800s by way of a Texas Land Grant. This land later became Tandy Hills Park. John Tandy actively contributes to effoRts to return the prairie to a resemblance of how it appeared at the time his family settled in Fort Worth.

Info: Jo Ann Collins, [email protected] or 817-689-0098.

WE invites you to welcome in 2015 and network with women from a variety of environmental fields...making valuable business connections and friends. This is a free event and open to both members and non-members. Dinner and drinks on your own. Enjoy food at the Chicken Scratch located next to The Foundry.

An evening saluting the 18-year record of service on behalf of the environment by State Representative Lon Burnam, with Public Citizen's Smitty Smith, Former EPA Regional Administrator Al Armendariz and some very special guests.


Presenter: Jim Phillips, VP of Engineering, Independent Energy Alternatives, Inc.

Public welcome.

Topics covered:

   * The Cost of Energy - How to Read Your Electric, Gas, & Water Bills

   * Energy Wasted - How Energy Is Lost in Your Home

   * Measuring Energy - Devices That Let You See How Much Electricity Is Used by Appliances

   * Changing Behavior - Thinking & Becoming Energy Efficient...

      What you can do to lower or eliminate wasted energy

   * Measuring Results & Calculating Savings

      A simple excel program to calculate energy & dollar savings


About the presenter:

Jim Phillips, PE, CEM, CEA, CDSM, GBE


The alphabet soup after Jim's name are abbreviations for:

* Professional Engineer

* Certified Energy Manager

* Certified Energy Auditor

* Certified Demand Side Manager

* Green Building Engineer

Start the year off on a constructive footing with a one-hour workshop: “Saving the Planet by Design: Why Empathy, Collaboration and Imagination are the Game Changers for Sustainability.”

The mixer will start at 6 p.m., but the workshop begins at 7.

As human development continues to grow in Texas, habitat for our native wildlife becomes less abundant. To offset this impact, create a Texas wildscape on your property to provide vital habitat to our local wildlife. This presentation will detail the components of a wildscape and provide advice on how to create and maintain your wildscape using native vegetation. Free. 

 Info: 972-699-1687. [email protected].


Volunteers remove invasive plants, restore trails and work in the butterfly garden. We'll provide water, snacks, gloves and tools. Wear sturdy boots or shoes with good ankle support. Bring sun screen and bug repellent. People are welcome to come and leave early if they can't stay. 

Info: Rose Mercer [email protected]

This 7-week course led by Mary Ann Mayer Redmond and Renee Rossi, provides participants with an opportunity to explore sustainability more deeply and learn its unique meaning from individual, societal and global perspectives. Class meets on seven consecutive Tuesdays. Register on website. $27.

Official debut of Dallas' first political action committee devoted to electing Dallas City Council members who support  a more liveable vision for the city's residents.