The City of Dallas invites you to learn the science of composting.

By composting we can reduce the amount of waste we send to the landfill.

In fact, at least 30% of the material sent to the landfill is organic and could be composted at home.

Composting at home is easy!

Join us for a free class to learn how you can compost in your own backyard.

Spaces are limited so please call us now at 214-671-8134 to reserve your seat.

It’s My Park Day Spring 2012 is a community service initiative park to encourage citizens to help enhance parkscitywideIndividuals, families, homeowners’ associations, and civic groups are invited to organize beautification, recycling or clean-up activities at parks in their neighborhoods.

Join the White Rock Lake Conservancy as we help the City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department with clean-up projects around the park. We will help spread mulch around the trees and landscaping and clean up graffiti around the park. 

To register for the event go to


The Earth Day Festival is a community-wide, free, fun, family event where ordinary people will learn practical things to improve the health of the planet, their children and themselves.

Building the Off-Grid Home with Compressed Earth Block (CEB)

Saturday, February 25, 2012, 10:30 am

A building or home from our DFW clay compressed into earth blocks is Natural, Healthy, Inexpensive, Durable, Quiet, Strong, and Super Energy Efficient. And what could be better than building your home out of your own dirt?

This is a mechanized form of adobe that is easy and quick to build. It is naturally cooler than the outside air on a Texas afternoon and also warmer in the winter. Of course in the North Central Texas area, staying cool is of utmost importance. Adobe does this through latent heat.

Latent heat is thermal energy released or absorbed during a phase-change of a substance such as a phase-change material (PCM) like adobe.

Clay, carrying a negative charge, draws water from the atmosphere when relative humidity is highest, as in early morning. When the relative humidity is low, as in later afternoon, water vaporizes out of the adobe as latent heat of vaporization.

Sunday, February 19

9 a.m. – noon

Southwest Nature Preserve

Meet at the northwest gate on Bowman Springs Rd.  Classic crosstimbers woodlands, grasslands and ponds make this an interesting place to count birds. 

About the Plan

The Walk! Fort Worth Pedestrian Transportation Plan aims to make walking around the city safer and more convenient.

By replacing the short vehicle trips with pedestrian trips, Cowtown air will be measurably cleaner and the population healthier thanks to increased physical activity. If that isn't important enough, it also helps reduce congestion on our streets.

Public Meetings

Public meetings will be held at 6:30 pm