Jason shows how ice cream, frozen yogurt or nondairy frozen dessert cartons can be upcycled as small plant containers. 

When you're cleaning out your closets in the new year, donate your used garments to charity. 

Mansfield joins Dallas County, Fort Worth, Plano, Lewisville and Frisco in offering a household hazardous waste collection site.

Farm plastic waste is a big problem but recycling advocates are developing solutions.

The Keller ISD school is one of 130 schools in North Texas honored by the Austin-based recognition program. 

Keystone activisit Corey Troiani has taken over for Zac Trahan at TCE's North Texas office.

Seven ways to green up the holidays

This week, Jason shares 7 tips for making the holidays more eco-friendly. 

Healthcare professionals from across North Texas are invited to learn more about decreasing medical waste on Nov. 9.

Republic recycling facility

Local recycling professionals admit that these are challenging times for the industry.

Humane League

In spring around Earth Day, it seems every community in North Texas has a green fest going on.