May 16, 2013   

Shameel Thawerbhoy of Swiss Cleaners in Dallas says that about 15 years ago,his father Zale decided to not only do all the dry cleaning on the premises, but also to do it with a twist of green too.

May 14, 2013

When Dallas Sierra Club member Molly Rooke was nominated for Green Source DFW’s Volunteer of Year, her peer noted: “Molly should be nominated for environmental sainthood.”

Rooke has been a Dallas Sierra Club member for more than 25 years, but that is not where her environmental interests end since over the years she has had her hands in everything from recycling to fracking.

• Dallas-Fort Worth college students show environmental savvy by recycling • Reverse Litter art competition encourages North Texans to help local trash problem 

By Julie Thibodeaux


• Dallas and Fort Worth Monsanto protests planned May 25 • "Boxed Water is Better" aims to put cartoned water on shelves in Texas

 By Julie Thibodeaux



By Rita Cook

David Hickman is not only an artist, but also the ultra recycler. As he walks around his backyard he points out a number of his creations. However, it is the bold, blue greenhouse put together with a little of this and a little of that, which is his ultimate recycle project. 


Prairie Fest brought people to the prairie

By Julie Thibodeaux

Photos by Phillip Shinoda and Julie Thibodeaux

The Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area threw a real downhome green shindig at Prairie Fest last weekend, April 27.

The green-themed hardware store hosts its soft opening on Earth Day • A Peep at the Coops showcases the backyard chicken craze

April 21, 2013




USGBC North Texas hosts Green Gala awards • Call for public art proposals that use recycled material • Course aims to boost sales of urban farmers 

By Julie Thibodeaux

Dallas video race adds green focus • Irving hosts eco-film fest • North Texas star party puts spotlight on light pollution

 By Julie Thibodeaux


April 2, 2013

Winning the Green Source DFW Sustainable Leadership Award this year for "Entrepreneur" Eddie Lott says the award is special to him for a lot of reasons.