Cedar Hill puts out welcome mat for birds

The Dallas suburb was one of two cities to be declared a Bird City in Texas this year.

Ned Fritz started the Great Trinity Forest hikes that've been a Dallas tradition for decades.

The Marty Leonard Lotus Marsh Boardwalk is getting a new addition.

Texas Parks and Wildlife is offering free park entry during special 100 anniversary events. 

The Botanical Research Institute of Texas held its second prescribed burn last Friday.

A writer reflects on her last visit to the state park, which closed last month after nearly 50 years.

A state lawmaker has filed a bill, proposing that eminent domain be used to save Fairfield Lake State Park.

Armadillos became an official state mascot in 1995 but they first gained notoriety in a 1973 country song.

The city is hiring a contractor to mulch up to 50 acres of privet at the 220-acre Tandy Hills Natural Area in February.

A Southlake developer proposes to take down nearly 1,000 mature trees of Colleyville’s remaining Cross Timbers forest.