The restaurant is the latest culinary creation of local restaurant mogul Shannon Wynne.

The Fort Worth venue features a farm-to-table vibe and an American Regional menu.

Green Grocer returns this week in a smaller version of itself featuring fan favorites.

The pub located in Dallas opened in December in a historic South Side building.

The new owners say they will be able to offer more options to Urban Acres customers.

Green Tip Guy: Pitch the plastic wrap

In this video, Jason offers an eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap used for food storage.  

Earth Day Texas launches a new program called Earth Day Monthlies on Sept. 17 with a panel discussion of sustainable food.

Humane League

In spring around Earth Day, it seems every community in North Texas has a green fest going on.

From left, Dallas Urban Farms team member Alaric Overbey with founders Jody Thompson and Maximillian Wall at their Deep Ellum rooftop farm where they'll be growing food in tower gardens. Photos courtesy of Dallas Urban Farms.

Aug. 18, 2015 

Aug. 12, 2015

By Jason Winningham, the Green Tip Guy

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