On Tuesday, March 27th, non-profit environmental organizations in the area will host an open meeting to discuss the recommendations of the Dallas Gas Drilling Commission. In the lead-up to the meeting, Green Source is hosting a short series of commentaries by Marc McCord of FracDallas intended to stimulate conversation around gas drilling, public health, and environmental public policy in Dallas/Ft. Worth.

By Downwinders at Risk    

Re-Published Wednesday, March 8, 2012     



By Brandolon Barnett     

 (Photo: Greg Vaughn, one of the minds behind the new Texas Green Chamber)     

After Russell Autry and his firm helped launch the New Mexico Green Chamber of Commerce in 2010, a member of its board of directors issued a challenge: Why don’t you do the same thing in Texas?

By Brandolon Barnett      

By Rita Cook

In the perfect world of thinking green the car you drive can add up to a lot when considering Mother Earth.

A good case in the point is the Chevrolet Volt, which I recently drove and I was actually quite pleased too.  Not only is it all about fuel efficiency to the tune of about 379 miles on a full battery charge and a tank of gas, but I was also noticed just about everywhere I went with a thumbs up pointed in my direction.

By Theresa Mioli    

Photos from Sustainability + Me! reception sponsored by Veev Acai Spirits.

By Holly Haber  

The Net Zero Energy Home of Tomorrow shown at the State Fair of Texas this year was a fully furnished model home.  It has all of the features that you might expect: solar panels, solar hot water system, LED lights, energy efficient appliances, and a smart heating and cooling system. Net Zero means that it produces as much energy as it uses.

Oct. 31, 2011

For years, wind power has stirred up controversy for its deadly effect on birds, but now researchers are concerned about its fatal attraction to another critter on the wing — bats.

Dr. Amanda Hale, Courtesy of TCU.