The AirCheckTexas Program may provide up to $600 to repair your vehicle or up to $3,500 to replace it. 

Senate Bill 14 and House Bill 70, ban cities, counties and even HOA from restricting property owners’ removal of trees or other vegetation.

Public Citizen is seeking input on funds earmarked for environmental remediation in Texas.

The new DFW Air Research Consortium reveals its vision for the future of air monitoring.

Downwinders at Risk is working with experts and municipalities to create a clean air research network.

The authors will be speaking at the Dallas Sierra Club meeting at Brookhaven College on Sept. 13.

Jim Schermbeck of Downwinders at Risk traveled to Switzerland to give input on an industry sustainability plan.

The Dallas City Council unanimously approved the measure authored by the North Texas activist coalition.

Jay Squyres has tracked residential solar installation in DFW from 2008-present.

This is the first victory for an alliance of environmental groups banded together as the Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Air Network or DFW CAN.