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By Julie Thibodeaux     

Prairie Fest brought people to the prairie

By Julie Thibodeaux

Photos by Phillip Shinoda and Julie Thibodeaux

The Friends of Tandy Hills Natural Area threw a real downhome green shindig at Prairie Fest last weekend, April 27.

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March 1, 2013

Julie’s Green Light: Feb. 25 • Anti-gas drilling activists to gather in Big D •  North Texas Commission to gather about water crisis • SMU conference showcases potential geothermal energy in oil and gas plays  By Julie Thibodeaux 

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Board of Advisors

Jan. 15, 2013  

By Rita Cook   

Dec. 19, 2012

By Julie Thibodeaux     

By Rita Cook  

One way to make sure adults know all the ins and outs of sustainability is by teaching these lessons early in life.  Case in point, that is exactly what is happening at the Dallas County Juvenile Department’s Youth Village where young boys ages 13 to 17 have the opportunity to take organic gardening classes while also tending to 12 raised garden beds that are planted with herbs and vegetables several times a year.