The Duncanville City Council officially created the 42-acre Charles F. Ladd Nature Preserve on Tuesday night.

The 30th annual Solar Car Challenge leaves from Justin, Texas on Sunday and ends in Los Angeles County.

Young trees need help during heat wave

As summer heats up, here are some tips for caring for newly planted trees. Courtesy of Texas Trees Foundation.

Amy Martin will host book release parties along with talks and walks kicking off in July.

Big Cedar Wilderness features 22 miles of trails and beloved by hikers and mountain bikers.

Wildlife author and herp expert Michael Smith shares some helpful tips.

Texas parks officials said they are taking steps to save the state park from being turned into a gated community.

Indigo River Tiny Homes custom builds tiny houses — from economy to luxury models.

Four DFW cities have expressed interest in gondola-style transportation systems. 

From the Texas Tribune

May 19, 2023

The Texas House on Tuesday gave final approval to two bills, Senate Bill 1648 and Senate Joint Resolution 74, that would, with voter approval, create a Centennial Parks Conservation Fund to invest $1 billion to buy more land for the state parks system.