The Spring Creek Forest Preserve is the second Texas remnant to be inducteed into a national network.

Amy Martin shares tips to make your summer less itchy.

Purchase Amy Martin's new book on a local indy shop and net proceeds go to Green Source DFW.

There's a total solar eclipse in North Texas next April but first up: an annular solar eclipse in West and South Texas in October.

UT Southwestern Medical Center shepherds a large rookery to the delight and consternation of many. 

'Wild DFW' to be released in the spring

The North Texas nature guide by Amy Martin is set to be released in April.

While the amount of dirt-trails is sparse for DFW’s size and population, the quality and variety are good. 

Local cities invest millions in paved paths, yet largely ignore the public’s passion for soft-surface trails. 

Creek restoration is promised, but it still takes an activist to move it along.

A Dallas creek advocate's story provides a step-by-step guide to saving nature in the city.