Parks, wildlife

BRIT aims to bring its fundraising, marketing and educational expertise to support the city-owned park.

If you see one in the road, help them across to the other side - if you can do so safely.

Dallas and Fort Worth zoos have been closed since mid-March.

The purchase of the 50-acre ‘Broadcast Hill’ will expand Tandy Hills Natural Area.

Owl meets shocking end in Fort Worth alley

A great horned owl's death is investigated by Oncor and a federal agency.

Want more birds in your North Texas garden? Local expert shares his secrets

Mick Tune is the author of Wildering.

Pollinator gardens are popping up across the Metroplex.

The demise of Lake Lewisville dam has been greatly exaggerated, says GSDFW reporter Amy Martin.

Caddo oak tree

The "Old Caddo Oak" was lauded at the Southwest Nature Preserve on Saturday.