Jason shows how grapefruit and salt combine to make an all-natural cleaner.

Jason talks to Joan Meeks, founder of Commodity Recycling Solutions in Fort Worth.

Green Tip Guy: Carpool with friends

Jason's guests say its cool to carpool to school.

Green Tip guest shows off her flashlight powered by solar power or a hand crank.

Jason tests the effectiveness of using coconut oil as a sunscreen. 

Green Tip Guy: Take a forest bath

Jason says a walk in the woods can be part of your health routine.

Photo of Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose by Karl Thibodeaux.

Jason gets a green tip from Dustin of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 

Jason demonstrates how cleaning fruit with vinegar helps it stay fresh longer.

Wait - don't throw out those bottles! They might come in handy.

Jason explains why singing should be part of your health routine.