Green Tip Guy: Make green spaghetti

Jason shows how to make a healthy vegetable-based pasta out of zucchini. 

Green Tip Guy: Green up your underarms

Jason tests out a new natural deodorant product. 

When you're cleaning out your closets in the new year, donate your used garments to charity. 

Jason Winningham talks to Micheal LaBuda of Dallas-based Dolphin Blue about eco-friendly products.

Seven ways to green up the holidays

This week, Jason shares 7 tips for making the holidays more eco-friendly. 

Wrap your gifts in reusable shopping bags.

You'll save municipal water plus your plants will benefit from the rainwater.

Jason says an important use for water is for cleaning. 

This week, guest Kirk Miller shares how to get free mulch from local tree services.

The only thing spooky about bats is our misunderstanding of them.