Jason demonstrates an electric mower.

Jason offers a heart healthy vegan recipe to replace your BLT. 

Jason shows how to create an eco-friendly pest control using kaolin, a clay mineral. Read what Howard Garrett, the Dirt Doctor, says about using kaolin for plants.

Green Tip Guy: Kick the can habit

Cooking your own beans is healthier and more environmentally friendly.


Jason explains why this easy grow flower is good for both birds and bees.

Jason explains why Swiss chard is a great vegetable to try in your garden.


Jason shows how a t-shirt can protect you from Covid-19 in a pinch.

Green Tip Guy: Grow your own treats

Jason shows you how easy it is to make treats out of mint.

Jason shows you a tip for protecting fruit trees from wildlife.

Jason reads the children's classic by Shel Silverstein first published in 1964.