School programs, sustainability expos, films, festivals

Learn to burn safely to maintain healthy prairie ecology on Jan. 10-11.

We checked in with Dallas and Fort Worth ISDs to study their environmental curriculum.

The Green Careers Texas facility serves residents of two of the city's most financially challenged zip codes.

The free Dallas College Sustainability Summit will be held Nov. 1 at North Lake College.

Local college students served as interns at Tandy Hills Natural Area, funded by a North Texas Community Foundation grant.

A section of Cross Timbers forest in the Fort Worth Nature Center was inducted into the Old-Growth Forest Network.

Ned Fritz started the Great Trinity Forest hikes that've been a Dallas tradition for decades.

Georgeann Moss talks about the ground she and colleagues broke and plans for the future.

Heather van Waasbergen plans to become a wildlife veterinarian.

RCE North Texas is creating a forum for young adults to discuss sustainability issues.