An encounter with a frozen butterfly leads to query about effects of weather extremes.

Federal agencies that manage national parks said Texas overestimated the cost of new emission regulations.

The Urban Forest Master Plan was adopted earlier this month.

Rita Beving of Public Citizen says SB 1261 aims to stop cities' efforts to reduce greenhouse gases.

Most DFW trees spared by freeze

Some evergreens may have dropped leaves but they should recover.

The caucus aims to start a conversation on how Texas can prepare for climate change and transition to cleaner energy sources.

Prof. George Diggs says climate change is real and has already affected the local biology.

A new study warns droughts in the latter part of this century could be the worst on record.

The new group grew joins 350 Dallas in raising awareness of climate change in North Texas.

Many local environmental groups are endorsing it while some say it falls short.