environmental activism, nonprofits

Dallas City Council's Quality of Life committee passed an amendment on Monday.

Texas Campaign for the Environment is seeking help to perform a waste audit at nine Dallas businesses.

The PETA video shows hens treated inhumanely at a Mahard Egg Farm location.

A multi-year plan to make Dallas a more resilient city was revealed at Dallas City Hall last week.

The theme of the EarthxFilm competition is Straw-less Summer. Deadline to enter is Aug. 1.

Local members of Citizens' Climate Lobby joined 1,300 citizen lobbyists in Washington in June.

The Environmental Justice Forum hosted by EPA Region 6 will be held  June 12-13.

"Let Joppa Breath" is a celebration of a recent environmental victory and a fundraiser.

Filmmaker Chris Jordan recently screened his film in Dallas about the Midway Island albatross.

The three-day environmental expo also features five days of conferences and a 10-day film festival.