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Here are some inspiring words from environmentalists’ past and present.

EPA admits the rule reversal will increase greenhouse gas pollution.

The amendment will be on the ballot Nov. 5. Early voting starts Oct. 21.

Texas Stream Team gave Ben Sandifer the award for monitoring springs in Dallas County.

The online fundraiser for North Texas charities kicks off Sept. 9, culminating on Sept. 19. 

Texas Campaign for the Environment hosts debriefing in Dallas. Read what's next for the grassroots group.

Dallas hopes to launch its Climate Action Plan on Earth Day 2020.

Demonstrations on HB 3557 continue as the bill awaits Governor Abbott's signature.

HB 3557 went to Senate floor vote on Monday.

Toxic frack water bill passes

HB 2771 allows the state to regulate the discharge of frack water into Texas lakes, rivers and streams.