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Dallas Arboretum logoThe winners will be announced at the dinner on Nov. 3 at the Dallas Arboretum.

Here’s a roundup of the some of big eco-friendly events cominp up. 

Jim Schermbeck of Downwinders at Risk traveled to Switzerland to give input on an industry sustainability plan.

Green Source DFW reporter Julie Ryan wades into the state's general permit for pesticide use in and around water.

The group calls for eliminating GMOs and toxic pesticide residues in the environment.

Tarrant Coalition for Environmental Awareness was founded by Earl and Alma Burnam and friends in the 1980s.

The Dallas City Council unanimously approved the measure authored by the North Texas activist coalition.

Dozens of news reporters and photographers turned out before the Exxon meeting, in time to cover the rally, attention that North Texas activists seldom get.

See photos and race results from the 5K held on May 21.

This is the first victory for an alliance of environmental groups banded together as the Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Air Network or DFW CAN.