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A statewide prairie advocacy group is ramping up its presence in North Texas.

TCEQ will hold a public meeting Dec. 6 at 6:30 p.m. at Southfork Ranch.

Residents concerned the current EPA cleanup won't eradicate all of the lead polllution in their neighborhood.

TCEQ hosts a public conference call on June 28. Deadline to comment is June 29.

Watch the Zoomcast with Ernest McMillan, Collin Yarbrough and Dawan Shockley.

The Environmental Injustice Archive is a project of Downwinders, SMU, Paul Quinn College and the Clinton Global Initiative University.

Wendel Withrow is the host for the new monthly Zoom program.

Winners won in a virtual ceremony last year. But they had to wait to get their prizes in hand.

Wendel Withrow will host the live show on Zoom.

The Climate Reality Project training will be held online for the second year and it's free.