Crunchy Boutique is a family owned business. On any given day you may see any one of seven family members working in some capacity at Crunchy Boutique.  Crunchy Boutique is operated on a day-to-day basis by Lauren Cain, her mother Keema Echols and her brother Brandon Echols.

Lauren was led to natural parenting when she found out that she was pregnant with her son August. Lauren planned a home water birth.  She also cloth diapers, exclusively breastfeeds, uses a holistic pediatrician, does baby led weaning and plans to home-school. All of these choices were made before even knowing what “crunchy” meant.

Keema, is a certified crunchy mom turned crunchy grandma of 8 (with number 9 on the way).  She is affectionately known as #GrandmaGoneWild.

Both Keema and Lauren are truly passionate about the natural parenting lifestyle and want to share it with the world. Through Crunchy Boutique, they are able to do just that.

1010 N Davis D
Phone: 682-323-5806