The North Texas Master Naturalists are Dallas County's volunteers for conservation. We lead hikes, give educational programs, engage in scientific research, and work on the land, all towards the goal of helping North Texans appreciate and preserve the natural systems they rely upon.

The Texas Master Naturalist(TM) volunteer program is coordinated by the Texas AgriLife Extension Service and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and supported by a variety of local Organizations. Volunteers receive 40 hours of in-depth training in wildlife and natural resource management customized to focus on local ecosystems. In return, volunteers provide at least 40 hours of service per year in the form of community education and demonstration projects, while pursuing a minimum of 8 hours per year of advanced training in areas of special interest.

The Texas Master Naturalist program:
Increases volunteer capacity and leadership in local communities,
Enhances public awareness of local ecosystems and natural resources.
Provides Texas' rapidly growing urban populations with increased understanding of conservation and enhancement of natural resources in and near their urban environments.
Increases educational opportunities for local residents of all ages, through instruction, tours, exhibits, demonstration projects, and other means.
Focuses the considerable resources of state and local agencies and organizations to create a high-quality educational program directed towards building self-sufficiency within the community.

Our monthly Chapter meetings are open to the public, and feature interesting topics.
They are held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm. (Eat & greet at 6:30, announcements & speaker at 7:00)

Texas AgriLife Extension Service
10056 Marsh Lane, Suite B-101 (near Walnut Hill)
Dallas, TX

To apply to become a Master Naturalist, visit our website for an application. Classes begin in February.

For more information, contact Fred Burrell, County Extension Agent: [email protected], phone 214-904-3050

Please let me know if there is any additional information needed.
Pauline Schafer, Public Relations Officer, North Texas Master Naturalists
[email protected]
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Texas AgriLife Extension Service
10056 Marsh Lane, Suite B-101
Dallas , TX