Take a refreshing walk into the wide-open spaces of a beautiful meadow, rich in floral diversity that is reminiscent of the tallgrass Blackland Prairie that once existed here. The Connemara Meadow Preserve is just such a place. This family land was set aside by Frances Williams and is owned and perpetually maintained by the Connemara Conservancy Foundation.

Members may take advantage of the meadow at any time and non-members are invited to join one of our Open-to-the-Public events that generally take place on weekends. Both Members and guests are asked to abide by our policies.

The Meadow is not a park but a preserve, managed so as to preserve and restore the natural biologically diverse ecosystem that is native to the area. It is made available to the public as a place to revive the spirit while teaching the importance of nature and biodiversity in the world where we live. To minimize impact on nature no pets or bikes are allowed.

The Commenara Meadow Preserve is located in north Plano on Alma Dr, just south of Bethany Dr. (Note: entrance is in Allen).

Mailing Address
1314 W. McDermott Ste 106-812
75013 Allen , TX
Phone: (214) 351-0990