As a citizen lobbyist organization, Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) is creating the political will for a livable world by empowering individuals to experience breakthroughs exercising their personal and political power.  

CCL builds relationships with members of congress and lobbies at the federal level for a revenue neutral carbon tax, designed to not only significantly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our dependence on foreign sources of energy, but also spur a clean energy revolution that creates jobs, energy security and reliable distribution.

Additionally, CCL builds relationships with local media outlets and influence leaders throughout DFW, participates in community outreach events and makes presentations to environmental groups, colleges and universities. 

If you’ve arrived at the point of engagement, or if you’ve been searching for a nonpartisan group that’s working to bring everyone to the table, then join Citizens Climate Lobby in the fight to save the climate.

Chapters in Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington



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