From the Lone Star Sierra Club:

The U.S. Forest Service has begun a public process that could protect our forests, grasslands, water, air, endangered species, game and non-game wildlife, recreational activities, scenic areas, solitude, quiet, and wilderness in East Texas. “Speaking up” now we can “cool down” our “over heated” climate!

The Forest Service will prepare an oil/gas leasing environmental impact statement EIS (OGLEIS) for the 675,000-acre National Forests and Grasslands in Texas (NFGT). Roads, drill pads, pipelines, flares, compressors, seismic testing, drilling, and truck traffic, create air pollution, oil/chemical spills, fragmented/destroyed habitat, noise/light pollution, compacted/eroded soils, sediment run-off, and industrial accidents, like fires/explosions.

The Sierra Club recommends a “No Leasing Alternative” (keep it in the ground); climate change mitigation/adaptation measures; and the implementation of "best management practices" for oil/gas seismic, exploration, development, and transportation projects.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2019 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
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