We are becoming ever more aware of the nature of ways in which we pollute our clean drinking water. Whether you’re camping without facilities while you build your homestead, have been overburdening your septic system, are building a tiny house or want an alternative to flushing your deposits away, composting toilets are for you. We will cover the whys and hows, proper guidelines for safe handling and send you home with your very own, self-built system. Use it anywhere, especially great for camping or on your own property. 

Lecture: describe process/technology, show examples, aftercare

Materials: scrap wood, 5 gallon buckets, fasteners (nails, wood glue)

Process: Assemble pre-prepared materials kit.

$40 before May 7. After May 7, $55.

Event Location: 
Permaculture Denton
2809 Nottingham Dr
Denton , TX
Date and Time: 
Saturday, May 21, 2016 - 9:45am to 2:00pm
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