Over 5.2 million Texans and almost 1 million Tarrant County residents live within the threat radius (½ mile) of an oil & gas well. That’s close enough to be exposed to harmful pollutants associated with severe asthma, cancer, and premature death.

Learn how to see the oil & gas pollution threatening your family and Texans across the state using Earthworks’ new Oil & Gas Threat Map.

Register here: https://lu.ma/gmohx252

At the webinar, we will show you how to see the threat that oil and gas production is creating around you. Afterwards you will be able to click around to find infrared videos that make otherwise invisible air pollution visible, testimonials from people living with this pollution and facility data.

Register today to find out if you are one of the over 5 million Texas residents living in the threat radius.

RSVP: https://lu.ma/gmohx252

Event Location: 
Online TX
Date and Time: 
Wednesday, May 18, 2022 - 7:00pm