Hearing to allow radioactive waste shipments from around the country into Texas scheduled November 13th The Compact Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact Commission TLLRWDCC will meet in Midland, Texas a week from Saturday (November 13th) to consider adopting a rule that would allow for export of low-level radioactive waste for management and disposal from facilities outside of the Texas Compact, this will be followed by a host of generator petitions to ship low-level radioactive waste to Texas facilities.  For those that have been following our blogs on this, that means to the Waste Control Specialists (WCS) facility in Andrews County out in West Texas.  The Compact Commission will receive public comment, discuss and take formal action, as appropriate, on items on the agenda below until it adjourns.November 13, 2010 at 10:00 a.m.University of Texas of the Permian BasinCenter for Energy and Economic Diversification1400 Farm-To-Market Road 1788 NMidland, Texas. To see the proposed rule, click here. To see the proposed additions to the draft rule from Compact Commision chair, Mike Ford, click here.TEXAS LOW-LEVEL RADIOACTIVE WASTE DISPOSAL COMPACT COMMISSION AGENDA 1. Call to Order2. Roll Call3. Introduction of Guests4. Approval of minutes from June 12, 2010 meeting5. Discussion of and possible vote to approve for publication and hold public hearing on new Rule 675.2 to be captioned “Exportation and Importation of Waste,” to be contained in Chapter 675, Part 21, Title 31, Texas Administrative Code, governing export and import of low-level radioactive waste and fees associated with the export and import permitting processes as provided for in Sections 2.01(4), 2.01(11), 3.05(6), 3.05(7), 3.05(8), 6.01, and 6.03 of the Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Compact (P.L. 105-236) as compiled in Chapter 403, Texas Health and Safety Code6. Consideration of and possible vote to approve generator petitions for export of low-level radioactive waste to management and disposal facilities outside of the Texas Compact

  • Petitioner: South Texas Project Nuclear Generating Station
  • Petitioner: Comanche Peak Nuclear Generating Station
  • Petitioner: Vermont Yankee Nuclear Generating Station
  • Petitioner: The University of Texas
  • Petitioner: Texas A&M University
  • Petitioner: PETNET Solutions, Inc.
  • Petitioner: North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth
  • Petitioner: University of Vermont
  • Petitioner: Chaparral Steel Midlothian, LP (dba: Gerdau Ameristeel Midlothian)
  • Petitioner: AMSJM-SF/Mr. Bruce Elliott, US Army Joint Munitions Command, 1 Rock Island Arsenal
  • Petitioner: Texas Christian University
  • Petitioner: Marlboro College
  • Petitioner: Ambion Life Technologies
  • Petitioner: Southwest Research InstituteR (SwRIR)

7. Execution of contract regarding services provided to Commission by Margaret Henderson, Interim Executive Director8. Discussion of and possible action the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality report to the Texas Sunset Commission9. Discussion of and possible action on the Waste Control Specialists’ ratemaking package10. Discussion of and possible action alternative funding mechanisms and budget options if the Texas Legislature funds the Commission at levels less than requested.11. Agenda items for next meeting12. Public Comment13. Selection of next meeting date and location14. Adjourn  

Event Location: 
University of Texas of the Permian Basin
1400 Farm-To-Market Road 1788 N
Midland , TX
Date and Time: 
Saturday, November 13, 2010 - 10:00am
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