Groundwork Dallas, Dallas Downriver Club and Trinity Nature Conservancy, will lead a 5-mile trip down the Elm Fork of the Trinity River, picking up trash along the way, before landing at the Frasier Dam Recreation Area. A cookout and music will await paddlers leaving the water. 

This event, coordinated by the Dallas Downviver Club, is part of an effort by The Trinity Nature Conservancy and Groundwork Dallas to both improve the beauty of the Elm Fork, and encourage use of a newly improved paddling trail.

To join the fun, call Teresa Patterson at 214-478-7856 for a rental canoe/kayak or bring your own! Then, register with Dale Harris, Dallas Downriver Club at


Event Location: 
California Crossing Boat Launch
1633 California Crossing Rd
Dallas , TX
Date and Time: 
Sunday, June 9, 2019 - 9:00am