The grassroots nonprofit organization Citizens’ Climate Lobby is hosting a virtual climate conference and nationwide lobbying push the week of Dec. 5-10.

Programming on Dec. 5 will feature:

●      A post-election overview of the climate advocacy landscape heading into a new Congress

●      Breakout training workshops to equip attendees with the skills they need to push for climate legislation in 2021

●      Keynote speaker Hahrie Han, a political science professor at Johns Hopkins University who specializes in organizing, civic engagement, and democracy

●      Keynote speaker John Wood, Jr., Director of Public Outreach at Braver Angels, an organization dedicated to bringing liberals and conservatives together at the grassroots level

At least 26 people are expected to attend from the Dallas chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, located in Dallas, Texas.

“During this Congress, our chapter has worked hard to show our local representatives – Rep. Allred, Rep. Gooden, Rep. Burgess, Rep. Johnson, Rep. Marchant, Rep. Taylor, Rep. Veasey, Rep. Wright – that our community supports climate action,” said Garrett Pennell from the Dallas CCL chapter. “We persevered through the pandemic with virtual grassroots efforts, such as: writing hundreds of postcards to climate voters this election season, generating a dozen community endorsements for climate action, meeting virtually with the offices of our members of Congress, hosting a local corporate volunteer day, and participating in the Dallas College Sustainability Summit.”


Info: Garrett Pennell, [email protected]

Event Location: 
Online TX
Date and Time: 
Saturday, December 5, 2020 - 1:00pm to 5:00pm