A discussion of emerging information that arborists need to know about including the SITES initiative, Biochar, new developments in tree cable systems, new ANSI Standards, growth regulators and ISA qualifications. Numerous biostimulants are promoted for
improving the growth of new and established trees in the landscape. This talk will share research results on biostimulants including humic acids, vitamins, and compost tea to guide arborists to choose products and techniques that are proven effective.We’ve all seen both trees and practicing arborists do some strange things in their environments. This talk will highlight some documented arboricultural oddities both in practice and unusual species adaptations.Attendees will learn how new technologies such as smart phones, Cloud-Computing, and GPS/GIS mapping are being utilized by the Texas Forest Service to promote Urban Forestry Education in Texas Classrooms. After a major weather event, debris from fallen trees and limbs can become an impervious obstacle to emergency vehicles. A timely and efficient response assures that EMS, police, fire and utility workers can reach victims of the storm and reduce criminal activity. This discussion will cover efficient storm debris management, including pre planning, setting priorities, organizing teams, utilizing contractors, tracking progress and cost reporting. Cost Workshop Fee $75.00, Late Registration $80.00

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Phone: 972-237-7500
Date and Time: 
Friday, February 18, 2011 - 8:00am to 3:30pm