Total Energies' Statement on Russia

May 11, 2022

Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine is a tragedy and we can certainly understand the emotions this generates across the world, including right here in Fort Worth where a protest is set to take place tomorrow.

In this context, TotalEnergies wants to reiterate its position on Russia. Our Company has clearly stated its firmest condemnation of Russia's military aggression against Ukraine, which has tragic consequences for the Ukrainian population and Ukrainian people around the world. 

TotalEnergies has stopped purchasing Russian crude and petroleum products and is no longer investing in Russian projects. Our Company does not operate any oil and gas fields, or any liquefied natural gas plants, in Russia. Furthermore, TotalEnergies announced on March 31st a $4.1 billion financial write-down after withdrawing from Russia’s Arctic LNG 2 project where it had a 10% stake.

TotalEnergies expresses its solidarity with the Ukrainian people who are suffering the consequences of this military aggression. We fully support the scope and strength of the international sanctions put in place and will implement them regardless of the consequences to the Company.